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What Is RSS?
Depending on who you ask, RSS stands for either "Rich Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication." But no matter what you call it, RSS is an XML-based format for content distribution. offers several RSS feeds for use in news readers and Web logs (blogs). These feeds include headlines, summaries and links back to for the full article. RSS feeds are free.

What Do I Need To Do To Receive RSS Feeds?
First, you need a so-called 'feed reader'. Performing a search for: "RSS Feed Readers" in any major online search engine such as Google or Yahoo! will produce a number of software options - many of which are free (or at little cost).

Once you have obtained a feed reader, subscribing to our RSS feed is as simple as looking for the appropriate XML code - simply look for the RSS logo: RSS.

Click the button and your web browser typically goes to a page of obscure code. Just copy the web "address" or URL of that page and plug it into your feed reader. The software will then automatically retrieve and display TV3's latest news information.

Why Would An Ordinary Web User Like Me Like RSS?
The advantages of RSS are quite simple - they save time and bandwidth.
Instead of remembering to visit the TV3 website, the news comes directly into your computer daily - or at whatever interval you want.

What's more, most RSS feeds contain just links, headlines, or brief synopsis of new information only. That means the small amount of Web data can be sent to any XML-compatible device - a cell phone, pager, or handheld computer - without a lengthy download process.

More importantly, RSS gives you control over receiving information you want without revealing information about yourself. Unlike subscribing to an e-mail newsletter, you never have to give out your e-mail address with an RSS feed. That avoids the possibility of receiving spam or unwanted junk e-mail from the Web site.