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How To Create A Modern Functional Kitchen As Seen On The Block NZ!

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Kitchens are a central part of family living and they need to be practical and modern.These three tips will help to create the perfect kitchen for you and your family

Design And Function

Fittings are an essential component in practical kitchens. They support simple workflows, improved room utilisation and offer the user high comfort of motion. This is the concept of DYNAMIC SPACE which could be seen in Jo and Damo's winning Kitchen!

Short Workpaths

To avoid unnecessary paths, we recommend arranging the cabinets according to typical flows in the kitchen. The 5 Zones to arrange your kitchen in are, Consumables, Non Consumables, Cleaning, Preparation and Cooking.

Jo and Damo nailed this with their kitchen, their short workpaths made it a practical and well thought out kitchen giving them an edge over Alex and Corban allowing them to win the room reveal for Kitchen Week.

Textures, layers and finishes

Perhaps one of the more common themes currently in modern day kitchen design is the variety and use of textures. With the availability of a wider range of product, designers are looking to move away from an overwhelmingly reflective, polished space into a more sophisticated mix of textures.

Alex and Corban finished off their kitchen with small touches of brass to provide a variety of textures and to add that finishing touch with a point of difference! Maree and James also added a mirror splash back to bring in a new texture and reflective surface making the kitchen seem bigger and lighter.

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