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How to create a garden hanging basket


It doesn't take much to create your own, gorgeous hanging basket for the garden. Get as creative as you like with it and work with the seasons!

What you'll need:

Hanging Basket
A slow release fertilizer

Choose your plants:

Bedding Plants: You can get really creative with bedding plants by mixing trailing (such as Busy Lizzie Optima Mix) and upright plants (such as Fuchsias).
Herbs: If you would like to grow herbs but you don’t have space this is your answer - hang your herb hanging baskets on the sunniest wall you have.
Fruit and veg: You can now buy trailing varieties of tomatoes and strawberries so you can grow your own in a basket. They look great and produce a good quality crop too!

Choose your liner:

Looks natural and enables easy side planting.
Coconut fibre: Lasts for several seasons but difficult to cut holes for side planting. A plastic liner is also required for better water retention.
Plastic: Retains water very well but looks quite unattractive before the plants grow to cover it.
Felt: Easy to cut holes in for side planting and looks fairly natural when first planted. An additional plastic liner (an old carrier bag will do!) may be required for extra water retention in exposed areas.


Step 1

If the basket does not have a flat bottom you may wish to stand it on a large pot or bucket to hold it still while you plant.

Step 2

Line your basket:
Moss – build the moss about an inch thick, initially only line half way up the basket to enable easy side planting.
Other liners – cut the liner so there’s enough to line the complete basket without showing at the top.

Step 3

Mix compost with a slow release fertilizer to help prevent drying out and to feed your plants keeping them healthy throughout the season.

Step 4

Top planting baskets: Fill basket up to 2/3 with the compost mix and start planting. The space can be topped up at the end if necessary.

Top & Side planting baskets: Fill up to halfway with the compost mix and plant trailing varieties so their leaves are exposed through the sides (if using a plastic liner you will need to make holes in the sides for the plants to grow through).

Step 5

Top & Side planting baskets: After planting the sides top up to 2/3 with the compost mix and then plant the top. Top-up with compost if necessary.

TIP FOR PLANTING: When planting the top of a basket, ensure trailing varieties are planted around the edge with upright varieties in the middle. Planting trailing varieties near the edge of the basket gives a more successful cascading effect.

Step 6

Water the baskets generously to settle the plants’ roots.

Keep baskets in a protected environment until risk of frost has passed. If you do not have any indoor space you can cover the baskets with horticultural fleece.

Step 7 - General Care

Your hanging baskets will need watering daily to prevent them from drying out. If you hang your baskets on a very hot or exposed wall they may need watering twice (morning and evening) on very hot days.


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