Hunter Kamuhemu As Mele Anglesea

Hunter Kamuhemu As Mele Anglesea

Mele, Harry’s thirteen year old daughter, is a determined, intelligent girl, mature for her age, who is struggling to come to terms with her mother’s suicide, and living with a father who appears to “care more about his stupid job” than her.

Mele loves her father dearly, they have always had a good relationship - Harry being the parent who was her “friend” - but she doesn’t understand why, when she most needs him, he continually lets her down.

Harry is always working, and Mele’s disappointment towards him is at its highest during the series, a disappointment that transforms into worry,then anger, and then, possibly, a calamitous decision…

Mele has a warm relationship with her grandmother, Grace, and has found friendship -- and also mischief and fun -- with her new girlfriend, Lisa, a Herne Bay girl whose rich parents shower her with money but not much else. Prior to her mother’s death, Mele was a model student who enjoys singingin the choir.

The role of Mele Anglesea is 13 year old’s Hunter Kamuhemu’s first acting job. The Epsom Grammar School Year 10 student has never done any screen or stage performing before.

Hunter practices several sports, amongst them, basketball and netball, and is a member of the under-16 New Zealand Tag team. Hunter is also an accomplished dancer and has been part of Chinese, Samoan and Hip Hop dancing groups. Hunter auditioned for the role of Mele because her mother met one of HARRY’s crew members by chance who told her about the series needing a 13 year-old girl to play Oscar Kightley’s daughter.

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