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What made you want to be part of The X Factor NZ?
I'm passionate about this show, I've had the chance to work in many different environments here in the US, but making The X Factor in NZ, helping celebrate our talent, telling their great stories, I just can’t wait and I know everyone working on it truly genuinely believes we can find a superstar.

What are you most excited about heading into The X Factor NZ?
There are no rules and if you’re over 14 no age limits, a popstar can be 15 like Justin Bieber when he was discovered or 50, like Susan Boyle. As a viewer, it’s about that variety, the show could be a 14-year-old, competing against a 45-year-old, alongside the next Kiwi boy band.

How do you beat the nerves before heading on stage?
Everything is about preparation, with LIVE television you spend the whole week making sure you know the show and your role within it, but when you’re LIVE anything can happen – that’s what makes it so fun, there is nothing like LIVE TV.

What is the most important thing you have learnt from The X Factor USA?
The one thing I’ve learnt about The X Factor is you really can’t plan a week ahead, there are so many surprises for both the production and the audience and it’s fun to be apart of something so fluid. Everyone involved – the crew, the audience, the talent – kind of go on this journey together, we plan as best we can, then just let it happen, but without a doubt, the things we don’t see coming, are the things audiences embrace, that’s what keeps them watching.

Who are your favourite performers so far in The X Factor USA competition?
Probably the singer I’m rooting for the most would be Jennel Garcia, but it’s almost too early to call it, lets see how they all go when it’s LIVE.

Who is the hottest judge on The X Factor USA?
Britney Spears for me is the biggest booking for these types of formats ever. To be there and see how her fans react, there’s no doubt who they’re there to see. She is one of the biggest names in current pop culture and I just love the buzz she brings to the show.

What do you see as being the most challenging part of The X Factor audition process?
You have to truly believe you’ve got what it takes to be the next big thing, not only in NZ, but in the world. Look at One Direction, such success all thanks to The X Factor. They all came from small rural towns in Great Britain, like Invercargill and Timaru, and now they’re selling out Madison Square Garden. Kiwi music is exploding internationally from Kimbra, to Naked and Famous, Gin Wigmore, and Mt Eden, the world is getting smaller and all it takes is the right opportunity to be seen by the world, I think The X Factor offers that opportunity.

If you were to audition for The X Factor NZ, what song would you sing?
Gangnam Style by PSY!

Why is The X Factor series a successful format for producing music stars?
It’s about launching someone’s career with the weight of The X Factor behind them, Simon and his team are hands on with this show and very supportive of their talent. I can’t wait for people to find out what we have in store for the winner, it going to blow people away.

What have you been doing in L.A?
I’ve been lucky enough to work behind and in front of the camera and call this crazy town home for the last five years. I hosted a show for FOX, which lead to some work on E!, TV Guide Network, MTV, VH1, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and I even got to report on the Oscars, Grammys and Golden Globes. The thing is, while I love the States, nothing compares to being home and working with Kiwis, and telling their stories. I can’t wait to get back and in my opinion, work with the best crews and talent in the world.

Three things I miss most about NZ are……
Pies from the Fridge in Kingsland
Matapouri Beach
My Family

Three qualities that you must possess to make it in show business are......
Unwavering self belief

The song I love to sing in the shower is......
My go to karaoke, "Sister Golden Hair" by America.

What advice would you give to The X Factor hopefuls?
I would say, it’s about self-belief, you have to believe you have the goods. It’s a tough show, you get one chance to impress, then add the pressures of performing LIVE, the scrutiny from the public/ media and of course the fact you’ll be up against a lot of other hungry performers, it’s about who really wants it the most.

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Dominic Bowden Hosts X Factor NZ

Interview with Dominic

Dominic chats about being part of X Factor USA, what it takes to be a star and his own go-to karaoke song.

Dominic Bowden X Factor NZ


Dominic Bowden has been at the forefront of television in New Zealand for the past decade, becoming a Kiwi household name when he hosted NZ Idol.