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Jeremy Corbett is a well-known radio host and comedian. Fresh from his days at Lite FM, he now co-hosts The Radio FM with Paul Ego.

Jeremy believes he can bring a lot of learnings from his experience at Lite FM to The Radio. He knows cute ducks and Michael Buble go down a treat with his listeners. Now it's just a matter of convincing Paul...

Mr Corbett is a handsome 6’2” Leo who likes potatoes.

He resides with his lovely wife, Megan, and their dog, Nugget, in the leafy yet controversial suburb of Mt Eden. Many people arguing that it’s not really a Mount, but more of a hill. Either way it’s a volcano, so the shadow of death stalks his every breathing moment. Luckily, like Jeremy, Mt Eden is dormant.

BORN : Westport. To a Doctor and Nurse. I know.. cliché.
GREW UP : Palmerston North. Swam competitively.
QUALIFIED : B.A. in english and Computer science from UNIVERSITY MASSEY in Palmy.
Did Radio Massey and Capping Revues (Start of comedy career)
WORKED: As computer analyst for several years.
TV PAST: Paradise Picture Show – Clark Bent
A Bit After Ten – Co-Host (Comedy competition)
A Bit More After Ten - Co-host
Celebrity Squares – Regular guest
The Gong Show – Host
All series of PULP COMEDY - Stand-up performer
Host of Comedy Gala a couple of times.
7 Days - Host
Deal or No Deal - Host. 07/08

LIKES: Guitars, Grass, Red Wine, Cordless Drills.

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