Tips and Picks from Your Favourite Comedian

Ever wondered what comedians find funny themselves? Well we wondered as much ourselves, so we've asked your favourite 7Days regulars to tell us their Picks for this year's Comedy Festival and also a few tips on how to avoid being picked on, on the night.

Check back each week for new tips and picks from your 7Days comics.

Jeremy Elwood's Tips and Picks

Jeremy Elwoods Tips and Picks for The Comedy Festival 2012
  • Take a risk. There are plenty of big name shows coming this year, and they will be good. But there are also a plethora of lesser known local acts that may well surprise you, and usually at a price level that if they don’t, no harm done.

  • If you’re looking for a meal before a show, try Elliot Stables. You can order from any of the (many) restaurants, so even you’re pickiest friends will find something they like, and it’s easy walking distance to virtually all of the festival venues.

  • Shows are on all week. There’s no need to wait for a weekend, early week shows are just as good, usually easier to get tickets to, and the acts will love you for making the effort on a Tuesday.

  • Remember that this is a festival. Even if you’ve seen someone several times at a comedy club, in fact especially so, what they’ll be doing in a one-hour solo show is almost always totally different. There are a lot of ideas you can’t get out in a 15 min set, so support your favourites.

  • Turn up on time. That way you don’t run the risk of being abused as you stumble around in the dark looking for your seat, and it means the show can run to schedule, allowing you time to get to the third and fourth shows you want to fit in that night.

And Jeremy's Picks for the Comedy Festival are:

The Good Guys - If you’re going to see one line-up show this festival, why not make it a strong, predominantly local show in aid of a fantastic charity?

Dead Cat Bounce - Great musical comedy from Ireland, great fun

Steve Hughes - Heavy Metal Comedy

Dumped - ok, so full disclosure, I’m directing it; but it’s a comedy play written by Andrew Clay. Something different to all the stand up you’re definitely already going to, right?

Jeremy Elwood - Time Bomb. If I don’t plug my own show, my manager will be grumpy. Done

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