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Friday 19 September 2014 14:20.

Jono Pryor

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Jono Pryor turned up at The Rock radio station at 18 years-old and hasn’t moved out since. These days you can hear him alongside Ben Boyce on Rock Drive show.

Reflecting the sad state of the radio industry, Jono has won Best Non Breakfast personality at the NZ Radio awards five years in a row.

Proving that he’s more than just a bogan driving a black Holden, Jono has managed to move into comedy, weasling his bald head onto TV, hosting the Jono Project, most likely because they thought he was celebrity builder Cocksy. In 2012 he managed to convince TV3 to give him another show with his old mate Ben Boyce.

Now into his fifth season co-hosting Jono and Ben, he’s made himself so comfortable at TV3 he’s almost part of the furniture. In fact, Mike McRoberts uses him as an office chair some days.

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Meet The Presenters