Josh Thomson (Lance)

Josh Thomson plays Lance in Hounds

Josh Thomson is a talented New Zealand actor, writer and director

He has played notable roles in films such as My Wedding and Other Secrets and The Devil Dared Me To. He played a lead role in the television series Welcome to Paradise and he is the writer and director of the comedy series A Night at the Classic.

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About Hounds

From the creators of hit local comedy, 7 Days, new series Hounds follows the fortunes of a shiftless lawyer, his half-sister and an alcoholic dog trainer who are trying to live under one roof and make good on the track.

Will (Toby Sharpe) is struggling at his law firm. His heart isn’t in it and he is making mistakes at work. But one day everything changes. His Dad dies, leaving him half a house; a half-sister Lily (Susana Tang); a greyhound racing dog; and its unpredictable trainer Marty (Mick Innes).

Hounds - coming soon to 3.