Kaitlyn Dever (as Eve Baxter)

Kaitlyn Dever (as Eve Baxter)

Eve Baxter Character Biography

Eve Baxter is the youngest, toughest and most athletic daughter. Eve isn’t interested in clothes, make-up or what her hair looks like. She’d rather play full contact football with the Broncos than spend an elegant evening with the Kardashians. She is Mike’s little buddy.

Kaitlyn Dever Biography

Kaitlyn Dever is one of Hollywood’s fastest rising young talents. She was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and at age 14, she already has several high profile films and television credits under her belt.

Dever knew she wanted to act when she was just 5 years old and continually asked her parents to go to acting school. They enrolled her in gymnastics, ballet and skating, but her passion didn't lie with any of these. When the family moved to Dallas, they enrolled her in a month-long acting program. At 9 years of age, she enrolled at the Dallas Young Actors Studio, where she learned set etiquette, how the business works and what would be expected of her, and during a showcase for agents she was chosen by Cindy Osbrink of the Hollywood talent agency. Shortly thereafter Dever was booking commercials and was on her way.

Dever recently wrapped a season-long role on the drama Justified, for which she received critically acclaim. She appeared in the movie Cinema Verite with Diane Lane, Tim Robbins and James Gandolfini, and played a lead role in the 2009 movie, An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong. On the Starz comedy series Party Down, she played Megan Mullally’s daughter, and she will also guest star on the 2011 season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Her film credits include the comedy Bad Teacher and J. Edgar.

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