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Late to the Point of Knowledge: Season 3, Episode 12

Late to the Point of Knowledge: The Almighty Johnsons, Season 3, Episode 12

The Johnsons are trying to deal with the facts of the matter. Yes, they have found the Frigg – actually for real, it would seem; but there are now two Odins (Axl and Mike) laying claim to the title. Adding to their confusion is the fact that Hanna/Frigg refuses to be rushed into choosing who the rightful one is. She has told them she will get back to them when she’s ready to make that decision.

But neither Axl nor Mike is prepared to wait. So Axl charges round trying to find Hanna, while Mike takes a much more politic tack of offering to help Hanna deal with her brother, Martin/Heimdall, who has mental health issues and is not dealing at all well with the multiple Odins. So while Axl gets more and more frustrated, finding that everywhere he turns there are more and more obstacles between him and his prize, Mike makes serious headway. 

Over Stacey’s objection Hanna brings Martin to Mike’s bar, where Mike introduces him to Ingrid – if anyone understands mental health issues it is her. Martin and Ingrid toddle off for some curative bonding, and Hanna dismisses Stacey – leaving her and Mike together, to get to know each other better over lunch. And get to know each other better they duly do, with lunch leading to a kiss, leading to Hanna back at Mike’s bar, in his bed. Has Frigg made her choice?

Axl, meanwhile, has come to see Anders, to find out why Frigg doesn’t seem to be having overwhelming Godly attraction to him, as the rightful Odin. Michele, unbeknownst to Axl, is listening in - and starting to wonder again about why Mike dumped her. Her curiosity leads her to Stacey the Hand-maiden, from whom she learns that Hanna was last seen at the bar, with Mike. Thus it is that as Hanna and Mike sleep in his bed, we find Michele standing over them, looking down on them, all her worst fears confirmed. She departs just before Hanna wakes and also makes a break for it.

In the course of making Martin feel better about things, Ingrid starts to learn a lot about the pathway that has led everyone to where they are; and how influential Martin has been in getting them there. She also starts to learn what awaits them; stuff that they should have known long before now. Ingrid takes her knowledge to Olaf – does he know what a Ga is? Olaf has no idea.

Axl finally tracks down Hanna, and they head off to have some fun in the midst of all this serious stuff. They get along well, but there certainly isn’t the level of physical attraction Mika and Hanan shared. Their ‘date’ is interrupted when Axl is summoned to a Thing at the bar.

At the Thing, the Johnsons learn what is expected from them and where they have gone wrong thus far.  It turns out their expectation that when Frigg chooses her Odin they will get their powers in full is completely wrong. In fact what will happen is at the ceremony where she chooses – the Ga – their Godly spirits will depart to Asgard, leaving behind their mortal forms. No God powers for these Johnsons. At the Ga, because all the realms need to be represented, another God has been rung in – and in this way Colin returns to the world of the Johnsons.

While all this is going on, Hanna returns to her house to find Michele waiting for her. This is Michele the assassin again, here to put a stop to the Frigg/Odin union by killing Hanna. But just as Hanna deflects this by telling Michele that she too doesn’t want to be Odin’s +1, Martin appears, hammer in hand, to club Michele to the ground. The last image is of the very dead Michele.

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