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Level Crossing Madness

Level Crossing Madness

Level crossings, or railway crossings, are a scene of some of the worst Road Madness we've seen.

These drivers play chicken with trains, and dice with death.

There are some 1390 crossings around New Zealand and around half of these have no barriers or lights.

The latest figures from KiwiRail report 27 collisions and 138 near misses with motor vehicles in the year to June 2011.

But New Zealanders aren't the only ones dicing with death – as these clips from around the world show.

So that was a near-ish miss.

But wait, it get's worse.

This driver gets into a close shave when he decides that the barriers don't apply.

This motorist has second thoughts about making a taking on a train

You'd think someone driving a three-wheeled car would be more careful...

But even in a truck you're not safe from a train.

And finally here's a message from British Rail – they've seen it all, and got it on CCTV.


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