Libby and Elliot

Libby and Elliot

High school sweethearts from Hamilton

Libby & Elliot met at primary school where they shared their first kiss! Several years later they reunited at high school. Elliot has enjoyed cooking since he was very young, and is currently studying Post Graduate Honours in Sports Nutrition. Libby works as a real estate agent and has recently started her own maternity wear business.

Elliot says he is the stronger cook of the two, but Libby disagrees. Libby is the entertainer and the creative one of the duo and is very good at interiors; Elliot is the more practical half. Both 22 years-old, they would love to travel and are saving hard to do so.

Number one cooking tip
Taste, taste, taste, every step of the way

The Great Food Race motto?
Work hard, play harder

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