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Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson

Character bio:

Lisa Simpson can't wait for college. She's only 8 and already reads at a 14th grade level, and has written a number of application-quality essays, one of which won her family a free trip to Washington, D.C. Her favorite activities include playing her saxophone, attending school and reading Non-Threatening Boys Magazine. A fan of Malibu Stacy, Lisa tried unsuccessfully to create her own talking doll, Lisa Lionheart. Unfortunately, no one wanted to buy a talking doll that was as judgmental as Lisa. Lisa wants everyone to know that she is a vegetarian and that if she could have one thing (besides world peace), it would be a pony.
Actor bio:

Emmy Award®-winner Yeardley Smith is the voice of Lisa Simpson – the wise, thoughtful, intelligent, saxophone-playing, vegetarian member of the Simpson family.

Smith began her professional career when she was 14 years old, at a local dinner theater outside of Washington, DC, where she played "Tinkerbell" in an unauthorized musical adaptation of Peter Pan.

Upon graduating from high school she moved to New York, where she understudied for the role of "Debbie" in the original Broadway production of Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing, directed by Mike Nichols and starring Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close. She took over the role two months into the run and played the part for eight months.

In 1986, Smith won the role of Lisa Simpson when The Simpsons began on The Tracey Ullman Show. She was awarded the Emmy® for her role in 1992.

Other television credits include a recurring role on Dharma & Greg and appearances on Sports Night, Murphy Brown, Empty Nest, Tales from the Dark Side and Teen Angel, as well as three years as "Louise Fitzer" on Herman’s Head. Film credits include As Good As It Gets, Back by Midnight, Just Write, Toys, City Slickers, Maximum Overdrive, The Legend of Billie Jean, Heaven Help Us and the worldwide hit The Simpsons Movie.

In the spring of 2004, Smith starred in MORE, a one-woman show based on her life as an actress, which she also wrote and produced. The show was directed by Tony® Award winner Judith Ivey, and ran at the Union Square Theater in New York and the Falcon Theater in Los Angeles.

In 2009 IFC bought the independent feature Smith executive-produced and starred in, Waiting for Ophelia, for their Festival Direct program. She also published her first young adult novel, Lorelei.

Smith was born in Paris, France and grew up in Washington, DC.

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