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Loz and Tom

Loz and Tom

Born and bred in sunny Nelson, 31 year old Tom and wife Loz Heaphy (29), both work in marketing and sales. They've been together eight years, married for two and in that time have managed to squeeze in their fair share of travel. They are now ready to settle down and embark on the next chapter of their lives – saving for a house and starting a family.

Tom's dabbled in the odd renovation with family but Loz is a complete renovation rookie. They are full of 'Kiwi ingenuity' and confidence; they consider Loz and Tom's Photo Albumthemselves raw renovation talent ready for ripening.

Design Style
Their design taste is 'up-cycling' and they prefer to contemporize classic pieces, with a fondness for all things vintage.

What's the biggest DIY no no?
Loz says "If I knew anything about DIY I would be able to tell you. I think a no no would be applying for a DIY reality show when you don't know how to DIY!"
Tom says, "Cutting corners – I'd rather not finish a room than hand over something half-ass."

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