Meet the Super City Citizens

Mary Dalziel

Mary Dalziel

MARY DALZIEL, 45, is a fiery singer who used to hang out with When the Cats Away, Dave Dobbyn and Ardijah. These days she’s doing covers gigs at The Dannemora Loaded Cock. She will aggressively flirt, awkwardly seduce and always publicly shame herself for the musical recognition she thinks she deserves.

Mary is supported by her down-beaten husband, Mick (Peter Tait). She has a nerdy son, Gareth (Elroy Finn), who she regularly embarrasses with her overt sexuality.

"‘I would do anything to get out of this hell hole called the Dannemora Loaded Cock.”

“He was practically bungee jumping in and out of my bosom.”

“Don’t collectively gasp at me! It was a joke. Jesus. Grow a sense of humour.”

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