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This week on Media3, the "Google-isation" of everything... and should we be worried?

The relationship between the United States government and tech giant Google was thrust into the spotlight this month with an opinion piece by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in the New York Times. Assange was sounding the alarm about 'The New Digital Age' and the ever closer union between Washington and Silicon Valley.

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His article was soon followed by revelations, published in The Washington Post and The Guardian, about PRISM - a programme run by the NSA which allegedly (and controversially) sources user data from the servers of Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Google and Apple among others.

The Guardian | Washington Post

Technology commentator and software developer Ben Gracewood, and internet security expert (and professional hacker) Adam Boileau join us to discuss the news.

Also on the show this week are tech writer Chris Barton, and the head of the Telecommunication Users Association of New Zealand Paul Brislen.

They're discussing what the likely end of technology titles Computer World and PC World may mean for the future of specialist tech journalism in New Zealand.

Surely, as we continue to become more reliant on technology for our work and personal lives, we need journalists with technical expertise more than ever before?

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