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Media3 June 5 Show Blog

Media3 June 5 Show Blog

There are journalists and there are politicians, but what about those who were the former and become the latter? University of Otago politics lecturer Dr Bryce Edwards joins us to discuss whether a career in journalism prepares someone well for public office, and whether there's a particular brand of politics performed by those who leave the newsroom for the Beehive.

Staying with politics -- a new Bill introduced by Justice Minister Judith Collins is also up for discussion this week. Lawyer and blogger Scott Yorke ( looks at the issues surrounding our concept of what is 'objectionable', as Collins moves to increase the penalties for the distribution, production and possession of objectionable material. While ostensibly aimed at those who deal in child pornography, the legislation could also apply to many other kinds of content.

And we also take a look at the media coverage -- sensational or otherwise -- of the Auckland Council's Draft Unitary Plan (, with the help of Metro editor Simon Wilson, New Zealand Herald Super City reporter Bernard Orsman and Radio New Zealand's Auckland issues roundsman Todd Niall.

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