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The Block Glasshouse

Friday 31 October 2014 15:59.

Michael And Carlene

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From The Gold Coast and have been married for seven years.

These two travelling gypsies flew all the way to Japan to find each other, despite both living on the Gold Coast and sharing a circle of mutual friends.

Michael was working as a stunt man in a water show at Universal Studios in Osaka when he met Carlene who was performing in a musical stage show. They left their showbiz lives behind not long after to anchor back down in Queensland and create a home for their future family.

Michael and Carlene have very defined roles in their renovating duo and it’s an approach that works for them. He is in charge of all things structural and manual labour and she is in charge of the styling.

Carlene is the yin to Michael’s yang. Though both are easygoing, Michael can be impatient, snappy and act on impulse. Carlene is level-headed and unflappable. Michael believes they are both creative, but in different ways.

Whilst armed with the skills and experience to take on a task like The Block, being away from their creature comforts and two small children is a twist neither took into account.

Still ensconced in their current reno, Michael and Carlene feel they are match-fit for the challenges of The Block. They are used to working on tight budgets, living in a mess and being surrounded by chaos. They are addicted to the creative process and the consuming nature of a renovation and seeing spaces transformed, knowing they have collaborated to bring about both practical and visual improvements.

The couple don’t know what life will look like after The Block - Michael is at a crossroads with his career and unsure what direction he wants to take it in, but open to any possibilities. With her feet firmly planted on the ground, Carlene’s dream for life after The Block is to open a homewares store.

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