Tips and Picks from Your Favourite Comedian

Ever wondered what comedians find funny themselves? Well we wondered as much ourselves, so we've asked your favourite 7Days regulars to tell us their Picks for this year's Comedy Festival and also a few tips on how to avoid being picked on, on the night.

Check back each week for new tips and picks from your 7Days comics.

Michele A'Court's Tips and Picks

Michele A'Court

Top 5 Must See Shows

The Great Frisby Comedy Experiment: This is a genius idea from local comic Terry Frisby - give a line-up of very different comedians someone else's material to do, and work out whether hilarity is about the material, or the performer. It features NZ and international comedians. I'm excited about seeing it, and terrified about being in it!

Brendon Burns, "Home Stretch Baby!": Originally from Australia, I worked with Brendon years ago in Melbourne and Edinburgh. He's fearless and dark, but has a gift for genuinely connecting with his audience. Take your nana - especially if she did a lot of acid in the 60s.

Jeremy Elwood's Time Bomb: Even if I wasn't married to him, this would still be the show I wouldn't miss. Big ideas, great world view and a gift for turning gravity into levity.

Dead Cat Bounce: I saw this mad Irish rock band in Melbourne last year and laughed so hard, the woman in front of me told me to shush.

The Good Guys: The best line-up of the Festival I reckon - all your favourite comics in one place, and for a good cause - raising money for the Burmese kids that comedians support each year through the Spinning Top charity. It's my favourite night of the Festival every time.

Top Tips For Surviving the Festival

If you're going to heckle, make it audible and pithy. We can't do anything with a long story that consists only of vowels.

Make use of the comedy precinct which now includes fabulous Q Theatre. Between that, the Classic and the Basement, you shouldn't ever have to queue for a drink.

Always be nice to bar staff, particularly at the Classic. My daughter works there.

At least once, go see three shows back-to-back in one night. Shows are scheduled so you can do that, and there's nothing like celebrating a good show by going to see another.

Go and see at least one show that you think might be a dog. You might be wrong. And even if you're right, it's useful to have something to compare the good shows to.

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