Mick Innes (Marty)


Mick Innes is an esteemed veteran actor and well-known in both New Zealand and Australia. He spent his earlier years working in both the film and television industries in Australia appearing in shows such as All Saints, Blue Heelers, Water Rats and Home and Away. He became a well-known face playing ‘Darcy’, a series regular, on Australia’s Echo Point.

He has also graced the small screen in New Zealand, appearing in series’ such as Shortland Street, Amazing Extraordinary Friends, The Jaquie Brown Diaries, Super City.

His recent feature film work includes performances in The Strength of Water, Apron Strings, The Insatiable Moon, Netherwood and the 2010 tele-feature Stolen.

As well as being on screen, Mick has had a foray into teaching his craft as well. He has spent two semesters lecturing Theatre Arts at Curtin University in Western Australia, as well as organizing Film Acting Workshops at the Film and Television Workshop Institute and has taught Acting Workshops for Prisoners at Canning Vale Prison, also in Western Australia.

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About Hounds

From the creators of hit local comedy, 7 Days, new series Hounds follows the fortunes of a shiftless lawyer, his half-sister and an alcoholic dog trainer who are trying to live under one roof and make good on the track.

Will (Toby Sharpe) is struggling at his law firm. His heart isn’t in it and he is making mistakes at work. But one day everything changes. His Dad dies, leaving him half a house; a half-sister Lily (Susana Tang); a greyhound racing dog; and its unpredictable trainer Marty (Mick Innes).

Hounds - coming soon to 3.