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Mick Innes plays Matthew

Mick Innes as Matthew

Mick Innes plays Matthew, a long-term resident of the Sunny Skies campsite who enjoys sitting with Mark and watching the chaos between Oscar and Tammy unfold.

Matthew loves his beer and his deck chair that he carries with him wherever he goes to watch events unfolding at Sunny Skies. To him this is more entertainment that on television.

Mick Innes is an esteemed veteran actor and well-known in both New Zealand and Australia. He has appeared in All Saints, Blue Heelers, Water Rats, Home and Away, Echo Point, Shortland Street, Amazing Extraordinary Friends, The Jaquie Brown Diaries and Super City.

Most recently he starred in TV3's Hounds as Marty.

His recent feature film work includes performances in The Strength of Water, Apron Strings, The Insatiable Moon, Netherwood and the 2010 tele-feature Stolen.

As well as being on screen, Mick has spent two semesters lecturing Theatre Arts and organizing Film Acting Workshops. He has also taught Acting Workshops for Prisoners at Canning Vale Prison in Western Australia.

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