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Mike In The Mirror: Season 3, Episode 9

Mike In The Mirror: The Almighty Johnsons Season 3, Episode 9

Zeb dreams of a beautiful Frigg, rising from the waters of a fjord, in a beer commercial. When he awakes he shares this vision with Axl, suggesting that they can find the Frigg by doing a casting call for a fictional Frigg in a fictional commercial for this fictional beer. In this way, Zeb thinks, they will lure the real Frigg to them. Axl is fired up at this genius idea.

But when the boys turn to Anders for help in pulling off this plan, he deems it the stupidest idea in the history of thought, leaving them to sort it themselves. Anders, however, does want to keep on Axl/Odin’s good side so he offers to chase up Ingrid, who is meant to be researching Frigg-genealogies but has instead gone missing.

Meanwhile Mike is getting suspicious of Michele’s continued absences from his life. But he’s not going to use his Godly powers to track down where she’s going because that would be distrustful. He suspects it is Goddess-business. Olaf warns him to stay well clear of that.

As Axl and Zeb forge ahead on their faux-commercial scheme, Anders’ hunt for Ingrid leads him to the hotel where he finds not only Ingrid, but Michele, talking to a group of woman in her new incarnation as the “Goddess Healer”. Anders, who knows a good scam when he sees one, wants in. Michele now has a very real problem to deal with.

With Anders out of the picture, Dawn is left to hold the for at j:pr – and to fret about what she saw in the alleyway, as Ty and Anders dealt to Colin. Her concerns take her to Ty’s place, where her ‘subtle’ questions have only the effect of leaving him concerned. Ty takes these concerns to Olaf, who is of little help. But Ty’s resolve to stay as far away from Dawn as possible would not seem to be what our mystery man, the one who engineered Dawn seeing Ty’s display of power, has in mind.

At the hotel Anders witnesses the Ygdrassil-powered healing miracles Michele is providing, but of course – in his book at least – she is doing it all wrong. He has a plan to ‘help’ Michele – for a cut of course – but Michele assures Ingrid that she will deal to Anders.

Axl and Zeb go through with their bogus auditions, attracting an attractive bevy of Frigg-wannabes to the cattle call. But none of them trigger the Goddess-reaction in Axl and, even worse, the boyfriend of one of them takes exception to the process and smacks Axl in the face. Then when Axl is at home, tending his wound he has a vision (through his one good eye) of Mike, talking to him from the bathroom mirror, claiming to be the true Odin and rejecting Axl as an unworthy claimant to the title.

Meanwhile Dawn, motivated by the mysterious man, goes back to Ty, to tell him what she is feeling – the memories of their love that are driving her crazy. Eventually Ty confesses all – and tells her the truth about not only their past but who (and what) he really is. He expects Dawn will run a mile, but instead she kisses him and they end up in bed together.

Later that day, the family are called to a Thing at Mike’s bar. By this time Michele has given Anders one chance to prove to her he can bring in big-paying clients for her brand of healing. And Zeb has figured out that what Axl saw was like Mimir’s Well – where Odin sacrificed an eye for insight and wisdom – which means that Mike really wants to be Odin.

At the Thing, which has been called by Ty, Mike has already bollocked Axl for his stupid audition idea when Ty and Dawn walk in. Dawn slaps Anders, thus revealing that she knows they are Gods. Now it is Ty’s turn to be bollocked by Mike, for bringing a mortal in on their business.
By the time Mike has finished, and everyone has walked out, taking their secrets and lies with them, Axl

is sure he has a new enemy on his Quest.

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