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Mr Burns

Mr Burns

Character bio:

C. Montgomery Burns, Springfield's richest man, built his atomic energy fortune from the ground up after inheriting his father's atom-splitting factory. As owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, he has been able to control local elections, manage a championship-winning baseball team, hold a chair on the board of Springfield University and build a contraption large enough to block out the sun and plunge the town into complete darkness. After a near-fatal shooting by Maggie Simpson and a brief bankruptcy almost ended his empire, Mr. Burns returned to the seat of power where he resides to this day. More misunderstood than evil, Mr. Burns may possess unparalleled power in Springfield, but he can barely lift a baseball bat. His hobbies include money fights with his assistant, Waylon Smithers, cultivating a wardrobe made entirely of innocent animals' pelts and courting some of Springfield's most eligible seniors like Jacqueline Bouvier (otherwise known as Marge Simpson's mother).

Actor bio:

The voice of many on the Emmy Award®-winning series The Simpsons, Harry Shearer gives life to some of Springfield’s more colorful characters: Mr. Burns, Flanders, Principal Skinner, Reverend Lovejoy and Otto. To date, Shearer’s unique talent has produced an inimitable and irreverent body of work in every major entertainment genre.

In October 2006, Shearer released his first novel, Not Enough Indians, a darkly comic look at the proliferation of Native American gaming. He is also author of the book-length essay on the Clintons entitled It’s the Stupidity, Stupid and a collection of essays, Man Bites Town.

In November 2006, movie audiences saw Shearer in collaboration with Christopher Guest and friends from A Mighty Wind, in the feature film For Your Consideration. The movie is a hilarious depiction of independent filmmaking and how the "buzz" about a potential award nomination impacts the lives of three actors.

In addition, he is co-creator and co-star of the legendary "rockumentary" This is Spinal Tap, as well as a former writer and cast member of Saturday Night Live and the late-night talk show spoof Fernwood 2Nite.

Shearer has been a commentator on World News Now, a writer for the e-zine Slate and a columnist for Los Angeles Times Magazine and Newsweek. His critically acclaimed radio program Le Show, a Shearer-esque mix of news, parody, poignancy, trenchant sketches and music, is heard weekly on stations worldwide.

Shearer’s feature film work includes Real Life, The Right Stuff, Portrait of a White Marriage, The Fisher King, Godzilla, The Truman Show and EdTV. In 2002, he wrote and directed his first feature film, Teddy Bears’ Picnic. In addition, Shearer reunited with Spinal Tap actors Michael McKean and Christopher Guest to lend their voice talents to Small Soldiers. The three also reunited as folk artists "The Folksmen" in Guest’s A Mighty Wind.

Early television and film credits include The Jack Benny Program, Abbott and Costello Go to Mars and the biblical drama The Robe. In addition, Shearer appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and he played "Eddie Haskell" in the pilot episode of Leave it to Beaver.

Other media avenues for Shearer include his original musical about J. Edgar Hoover simply called J. Edgar: The Musical!; a two-CD compilation, O.J.: ON TRIAL; and a multimedia exhibit of public figures captured on satellite called Wall of Silence. Shearer’s take on the sudden disappearance of a generation of TV news anchors also served as the inspiration behind his comedy CD, DROPPING ANCHORS, released on Shearer’s own label, Courgette Records. The company also released a compilation DVD of his comedy sketches from SNL and HBO entitled Now You See It and the albums SONGS POINTED AND POINTLESS and SONGS OF THE BUSHMEN.


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