Meet the Super City Citizens

Ofa Faka'Apa'Apa

Ofa Faka'Apa'Apa

OFA FAKA’APA’APA, 26, is the most unorthodox benefit casemanager. She was once on the benefit herself but lived off white bread and coke, and broke the law to get off. She is determined to pass on everything she has learnt to every scumbag beneficiary.

Her nemesis in the office is the left-wing, very P.C. South African case manager, Helen (Urzila Carlson). Ofa’s one friend in the office is Brendon (Thomas Sainsbury), the timid receptionist.

“Is it the government’s fault you get your self esteem from slutting around with guys?”

“Sometimes you gotta work outside the law to get results. Just ask my hero: Steven Seagal.”

“You need to act less like a panda and more like a cockroach.”

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