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Oliver Driver as Oscar

Oliver Driver as Oscar on Sunny Skies

Oliver Driver plays Oscar, an business man who specialises in human resources despite being terrible with people.

Oscar is cynical, witty, stingy, easily bored, not good with people (though secretly wishes he was), hypochondriac, Mummy’s boy, fastidious and he's bordering on obsessive compulsive.

Oliver Driver has starred in Black Sheep, Under the Mountain, Serial Killers and Shortland Street. He also fronted the TV3 morning show Sunrise and arts show FrontSeat.

He has also spent time as co-owner of music station Alt TV, and directed a large number of theatre shows as the Artistic Director for The Auckland Theatre Company.

"I think the best stories, the best plays, and the best television shows stir up a conversation, and create a debate: the kind where people go out arguing about it afterwards."

As Oscar on Sunny Skies: “Hi do you mind if I don’t talk to you? It’s just old people give me the shits.”

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