3NOW Player Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from New Zealand.
New Zealand viewers having issues, please read through below, to troubleshoot your issue.

Requirements to play 3NOW and FOUR On Demand

Latest Flash Player - Check that you have Flash Player installed and that you have the latest version here >>

Up to date browser and operating system.
Please check below for the latest version of the different browsers.
Firefox 20
Google Chrome 26
Internet Explorer 8
Safari 6

High Speed Internet (broadband)

You must be in New Zealand to view majority of our content.

If you have ad-blocker installed on your computer, please turn this off.

Playing 3NOW and FOUR On Demand on Mobile Devices

You can now download the 3NOW app for a number of iOS and Android devices. For full details, please click here to visit the 3NOW Apps page.

iPhone and iPad
VOD is available for 7 Days, 3 News and Campbell Live on your device.
Your device must be running iOS5 and above.
You must use the native browser for your device (i.e. Safari).

Android and Windows Devices
If your device supports Flash you will be able to watch VOD on your device. If you are unsure, the relevant device manufacturer can advise.

Playback Issues and Troubleshooting

My video won't load, I can only see a black box with no controls.
I can see black box and and loading icon but the video doesn't load.
The video won't load but I can hear audio.

If you only see black box with no controls, this is likely because you don’t have Flash Player installed.
Click here to download and install the latest Adobe Flash Player.

There is also a known issue with ad blockers stopping our content from playing. If you have ad blocker add-ons installed, make sure you disable it.

If you can hear audio but not see video, this issue seems to be specific to Windows 7 and IE9. Further information can be found on Microsoft's website
If your problem persists, we recommend you try viewing 3NOW and FOUR On Demand on a different browser.

Anti-Virus/Firewall Tip

Some antivirus and firewall products cause problems with video playback. To view content on the site, you may need to unblock the site you are on.

We suggest you add the following sites to your antivirus 'whitelist':

If you are attempting to access 3NOW or FOUR On Demand from outside New Zealand

Note: the majority of our shows are only available to view from inside New Zealand. Some content, e.g.: 3 News and Campbell Live are available in all territories.

If you are in NZ and playback problems persist, please click here to check your IP Address. If it's not recognised as from NZ, please contact your ISP and advise.

If you are attempting to view 3NOW or FOUR on Demand from a place of work or study, your internal IT Department may be blocking the port we use to stream data. Please contact your IT Department in the first instance and if they cannot troubleshoot the issue please request they fill out the form below.

I can see the ad but the show won’t play, or I see the message that says “This video is only available to NZ Viewers. If you are in NZ, your video will play shortly.

On occasion our servers get inundated with requests. If you are trying to watch 3NOW or FOUR on Demand between 7pm – 11pm, you may experience some difficulties. Please try again in a few minutes.

I haven’t had any problems watching On Demand in the past, but today my video won’t load.

It is most likely you are trying to view a video while there is peak demand on the server, so please try again shortly. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Try clearing your cache/ cookies (see below for instructions) or refresh the page (CTRL + F5).

How do I clear my cache/cookies?


Internet Explorer 7

1. In the Tools menu, select Internet Options...
2. In the General tab, under Browsing history, click Delete...
3. The Delete Browsing History menu will appear. Go to Temporary Internet Files and click Delete files...
4. Click Yes when prompted.
5. Click Close then click OK.

Internet Explorer 8
1. Go to Tools and from the Safety menu, click Delete Browsing History...
2. Check Temporary Internet files and History.
3. Click Delete.

In some cases you may need to open a new window and choose a private session before attempting the above.

1. In the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History.
2. Under Time Range To Clear select Everything then click Clear Now

Google Chrome
1. Click the Tools menu (the wrench in the upper right corner)
2. Select Options
3. Click the Personal Stuff tab
4. Click Clear browsing data
5. Select the checkboxes for the types of information you wish to remove
6. Use the 'Clear data from this period' menu to select the amount of data you want to delete
7. Click Clear Browsing Data

Apple Macintosh

1. In the Safari menu, select Empty Cache.
2. Click Empty when prompted.

1. In the Firefox menu, go to Tools and select Clear Private Data.
2. Ensure the box next to Cache is ticked then click Clear Private Data Now

Google Chrome

1. Select Chrome > Clear Browsing Data on the menu bar
2. Select the checkboxes for the types of information you wish to remove
3. Use the 'Clear data from this period' menu to select the amount of data you want to delete
4. Click Clear Browsing Data

Why does the video keep stopping, stuttering and doesn’t play smoothly?

If your network connection is not consistent you may experience problems connecting.
Check your connection speed here.

A slow connection will cause the video to pause and play every so often. If you do experience choppy playback, try selecting a lower quality option or refresh the page.

If your player is still trying to connect, you may not be able to see the Quality option. If this is the case, try clearing your cookies.

The latest Flash Player 10 and above also has better buffering support – click here to update.

How long are programmes available On Demand?

Most of our international shows are available for 14 days, whilst the majority of our locally produced content is archived.

Why are some programmes not available On Demand?

We aim to acquire rights for all programmes we broadcast. Unfortunately, there are certain market constraints that may inhibit their acquisition.

To find out exactly when and what shows are available on demand, subscribe to our On Demand newsletter, by clicking on the button to the right.

General Queries/Finding A Show

Why are there ads?

The advertisements that play at the beginning and during your shows allow us to bring you your favourites shows On Demand for free.

How do I know if a show is available On Demand?

There are several ways to see what shows are available On Demand.

You can see the complete list of our On Demand offering from our Watch Episodes dropdown. Simply hover over Watch Episodes on the navigation bar, and you'll get the dropdown.
find your favourite shows On Demand via the Watch Episodes dropdown

You can use our Browse By area on every On Demand page (as pictured below). This is a quick way for you to filter the shows you want to watch alphabetically.
You can use the Browse By area below every On Demand page

or keep an eye out for the On Demand logo across the TV3 and FOUR pages
keep an eye out for the TV3/FOUR On Demand logos

None of the above worked? Report your problem here >>