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Playing God: Season 3, Episode 10

Playing God: The Almighty Johnsons Season 3, Episode 10

A chance discovery, as he walks in on Stacey performing her Yggdrasil pole-dancing trick for Olaf and Ingrid, leads Axl to consider the possibility of using The Stick to assist in the Frigg-hunt. The first (and biggest) obstacle to this is the fact Michele reclaims it in order to use her healing power on the test big-bucks client Anders has brought in – a man named Guy, suffering from prostate cancer. Neither Michele nor Guy enjoy the experience, but Michele upholds her end of the deal and dispenses her magic.

Ty and Dawn, meanwhile, have moved fast to settle into their new life together. She has moved into his place and they are mind-blowingly happy. Or is that too happy? And have they moved fast? And is Ty being over-protective because of the ‘bad things happen to mortals who get involved in God business’ rule?

Axl persuades Ingrid that the gifts of wisdom she is given by Yggdrasil could be channelled into their Quest, but the problem of getting The Stick off Michele remains. So Axl goes to Anders, as the rightful finder of The Stick, to get it back. Anders promises he’ll give it a shot, but when he talks to Michele they are more caught up in their flirty business game – and the fact that Guy’s cancer is gone and he has given them $200,000 as a reward – to get round to Axl business.

Ty has taken his concerns to Olaf – has he endangered Dawn by telling her about his Godliness?  Olaf’s advice is, strangely, less than helpful so the elder Johnson takes it upon himself to help out, by paying Dawn a visit – armed with a box of cookies. By the time Dawn realises these are hash cookies, she has already eaten two. Uh oh.

After their bust-up in the previous episode Mike attempts to make things right with Axl. But Axl remains suspicious of the Mike he saw in his vision: the pretender to the throne of Odin. So while Axl gives away very little he does clue Mike in to the fact that Anders is seeing Michele this afternoon – about a business thing. When Axl departs, Mike can no longer keep his suspicion in check and, summonsing his Ullr powers, he sets off in search of Michele.

Michele is with Anders, rebuffing his attempts to get her into business with him. He has great plans for Michele and The Stick, and reckons she has no choice but to fall in with him, because when Mike finds out, he is going to go ballistic. Michele exits, refusing to be bullied into things. But when Mike shows up a few minutes later, Anders goes on the front foot; letting Mike know exactly what Michele has been doing and why this is a good thing for them all. Mike turns and walks out.

The Stick, meanwhile, has been given back into the care of Ingrid, which means that Axl and Zeb have a chance to test out their plan. So Ingrid takes hold of Yggdrasil and starts the boys on the hunt; first interpreting the genealogy, and then leading them through the streets of Auckland. Using The Stick, however, has worrying effects on Ingrid – with blood coming from her nose and ears.

Also worried is Olaf, who is dealing with a Dawn who cannot handle his excellent drugs. Eventually he calls in Ty for help to (literally) talk Dawn down – from the kid’s jungle gym she is perched atop. Ty reassures Dawn that they are doing the right thing and they will be happy together.

Mike and Michele meet up for their big showdown re: Yggdrasil. They are at a fundamental impasse – he cannot live with her using Godly powers to determine who is cured and who is not – and earning money from this; while she cannot stay with a man who tells her what to do with her life. As much as they love each other, they cannot be together. It is over between them and Mike heads off in search of The Stick.

It is this self-same Stick that has led Ingrid, Axl and Zeb to a rest home where they find not Frigg, but Fredrick Larsen, aka the God Hoenir, and also Frigg's father. The problem is that Fredrick is mute, from a head injury. Axl hits upon the idea of using Michele's healing powers to cure Fredrick, so he can tell them where his daughter is.

But before this plan can be enacted, Mike arrives at the rest home and takes The Stick. Before Axl can stop him Mike, in a fit of righteous anger, pronounces The Stick to be a corruption of this world and destroys it in a wood-chipper. Axl is livid and tells Mike it is over between them – and that he (Mike) will never be Odin.

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