Producer - Steven O’Meagher

Producer - Steven O’Meagher

Steven O’Meagher is the Founder and Managing Director of Desert Road, an award-winning film, drama and documentary production company based in Auckland, New Zealand, which has earned a reputation for delivering audiences original, high-end, quality storytelling.

Steven formed Desert Road in 2005, and a year later the company’s debut feature film OUT OF THE BLUE (which he originated and co-produced) premiered at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival. OUT OF THE BLUE became New Zealand’s 10th most successful film of all-time on its domestic release (tipping HEAVENLY CREATURES into 11th spot), and picked up a fistful of Qantas Film Awards in 2008 for Best Picture, Screenplay, Actor, Supporting Actor, Cinematography and Editing. The Weinstein Company acquired OUT OF THE BLUE for international theatrical distribution in Europe, the UK, Brazil, and in the US.

Desert Road (with Steven as series co- owner and Executive Producer) made its foray into television drama in 2009 when the company co-produced New Zealand’s most-expensive drama series, THIS IS NOT MY LIFE (13 x 1 hour) for TVNZ. This primetime series launched in August 2010 and worldwide distribution and format rights were bought by Lionsgate (the producers of the Emmy-winning series MAD MEN). A current US-remake of the series is being prepared.

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