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Quinn And Ben

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Southern rookies Quinn and Ben met seven years ago when Quinn was a ‘sandwich artist’ at sandwich shop in Christchurch.

She made Ben a great sandwich which, along with exchanging of numbers and some fun years together, eventually led to them getting married in 2012.

This competitive and active team deem themselves sports freaks. Both Quinn and Ben enjoy playing various sports, hitting the gym together and getting out and about with their Staffordshire terriers, Imram and Yeezy.

Business Development Manager Ben, 30, believes their hardworking attitude and ability to stay calm will be their strength for the competition.

Quinn, 26, is a qualified beauty therapist who loves to do silly things to make her ‘Bendog’ laugh. They are a down-to-earth, laidback couple who don’t take themselves too seriously and really enjoy each other’s company.

Eager to get ahead and start a family as soon as possible, Quinn and Ben have recently bought their first home, a two bedroom brick flat in dire need of some love and attention. They hope to renovate it thoroughly both inside and out, including creating a great outdoor entertaining area. Once they are finished, it will be transformed into their perfect family home.

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