Quirky Upcycling Ideas

Upcycling is where you recycle items to give them a new, better purpose than they previously held.
If you’ve been inspired by the Week 2 Upcycle challenge on The Block NZ, the gallery above has some more quirky ideas!
Upcycling tips

  1. Think outside the box. If you copy an upcycled idea from the internet add your own spin on it with your favourite coloured paint or artwork.

  2. Give the item a rigorous clean before modifying. It’s tempting to start tinkering straight away but you might need to sand and wipe wood, iron clothing and giving materials a dust.

  3. Before you start, find interesting nicknacks like buttons, door knobs and wallpaper to keep on hand for random bursts of inspiration

  4. Save your scraps. The bits you remove from this item could be used for your next item

  5. You can just make artwork. Your upcycled item doesn’t have to be practical. If you want to make a crazy sculpture, make a crazy sculpture.

Where are they from?

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