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Engaged couple
Tyson Hill (36) and Rachel Rasch (35) live with their five-year-old son in a rented 100-year-old railway cottage in windy Wellington – and are desperately keen to own their own home.

A highly entertaining, outgoing and creative couple, Tyson works as a bricklayer and is a musician; he plays bass guitar, has played with many Wellington bands and likes nothing more than jamming with a good bunch of friends. A former radio producer, Rachel loves to spend time with her large extended Samoan family, as well as special time with Tyson and their son Otis. The pair have known each other half their lives, and been together for seven years.


Rachel and Tyson describe their style as vintage with a twist. They like simple antiques and wooden features, as well as bright artwork and quirky objects.

Rachel became interested in architecture when her father’s oldest sister had a house designed and built by Roger Walker. She says she is a magpie and loves to collect old gilt mirrors and vintage china.

The say the best room in the house should be the kitchen dining area as that is where everything family orientated happens, however Tyson is keen to have a “ManCave” where he can be creative. Tyson is also keen to use environmentally friendly materials as much as possible.


Rachel and Tyson are complete rookies at interior house renovation, though through his job, Tyson is experienced in landscaping, bricklaying and concreting.


Rachel: “A bracelet in France – it was 185 Euro and at the time I had no money so I had to borrow money to buy it. I hardly wore it and now I don’t even know where it is. Probably in bits somewhere.”

Tyson: “When I was 17, I went to Surfers Paradise and blew all my money. I wanted to live there and I came back in weeks.”

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