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Red Light Madness

Red Light Madness

“There's plenty of orange left in that red.” That's what a guy I used to know would say when it came to scooting through a red light.

It was almost like a challenge. Like a red rag to a bull – or rather an orange light to an impatient driver.

Like many drivers for him the orange didn't mean “slow down, prepare to stop”. Oh no. Orange means “Go, speed up, floor it if you have to – just get through that light!”

But it's not all fun and games.

The Ministry of Transport says not stopping at a red light was likely to have been a factor in 227 crashes in 2009 alone.

A recent trial in Auckland found that cameras were effective in both reducing accidents from red-light-running, or RLR, and in generating revenue from fining offenders.

Now there are plans to roll out more cameras around the country. You have been warned.

But if fear of getting caught on camera doesn't stop you – have a look at these cautionary tales of RLR from around the world.

Memphis Tennessee – where everyone's in a hurry, but luckily no-one gets hurt.

In this incident a few get through on the orange – but there's a prang when one driver shoots the red

This one wasn't so lucky – no fender bender here – this one's a full blown crash.

This one comes out of right field, taking out a car and a pedestrian.

A motorcyclist flies like a crash test dummy in this collision.

And finally a medley of RLR from the great state of New Jersey, 2011.

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