Meet The Crew

Rosanna and Zane

Zane and Rosie

IWI: Ngāti Porou 
Age: 28 years old
Occupation: Scaffolder
Originally from: Hastings

Zane is still with long-term girlfriend Rosie. They still have their “argumentals” but are as stable as ever.  Zane is still the one that never takes anything seriously and always tries to stay out of the drama because he has his own dramas with Rosie to deal with. Zane is a bit of a fashionista and is wanting to launch his own clothing label Dirty Lawndry.

Age: 25 years old
Occupation: Glamour Model
Originally from: Whangarei

Rosie is always weary of Zane’s antics, even more so now that Jade is single and dragging Zane out with him on all his escapades.  Now the only female left in the whare, Rosie has her work cut out for her.
Rosie’s appearance is obviously different, she is no longer blonde and there is one other, or two other, noticeable differences.

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