Charlie Hunnam (as Jax Teller)

Charlie Hunnam (as Jax Teller)

Charlie Hunnam has captured the attention of audiences and critics in both the United Kingdom and Hollywood with his versatility, talent and charisma.

Following the fourth season of Sons Of Anarchy, Charlie starred in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. During the previous hiatus, Hunnam starred in Frankie Go Boom, alongside Chris O’Dowd, Lizzie Caplan and Ron Perlman. He also starred in The Ledge with Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, and Terrence Howard last year. Before that, Hunnam appeared with Elijah Wood in the independent film Green Street Hooligans about the violent world of soccer hooliganism. He then starred opposite Clive Owen in Alfonso Cuaron’s apocalyptic drama Children Of Men.

Hunnam made his big screen debut in the thriller Abandon and continued to gain attention for his performance in the title role of the big screen adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel Nicholas Nickleby, which received a Golden Globe® nomination for Best Picture. He next appeared as Bosie in Cold Mountain for director Anthony Minghella, based on the best selling novel by Charles Frazier.

On the small screen, Hunnam received audience and critical acclaim for his role in the hit British drama Queer as Folk, and the series Undeclared for Judd Apatow early on in his career.

In addition to his acting talents, Hunnam completed his first screenplay, entitled Vlad.

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