SIOBHAN MARSHALL (plays Pascalle West)

SIOBHAN MARSHALL (plays Pascalle West)

Siobhan Marshall attended Auckland’s Unitec School of Performing Screen Arts and graduated with a Bachelor of Performing Arts in 2003.

In 2004, Siobhan appeared on Shortland Street, playing a character called Siobhan O’Leary.

After filming the first series of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, Siobhan performed in and went on to win the TV3 celebrity singing show, Sing Like a Superstar.  She also had a guest role in the kids’ series Amazing Extraordinary Friends.

In late 2007, in the break between filming for the third and fourth series of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, Siobhan traveled to Europe, America and South America with her co-star Antonia Prebble (who plays Loretta West).

Earlier in her career, Siobhan performed in numerous amateur theatre productions, many through the Unitec course.  Her theatre credits include: Othello, A Doll’s House, Cut Out, Darkness Descends, Love of a Nightingale, Big River, Julius Caesar, Something to Shout About and Men Without Shadows.

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