Sam Neill As Jim “Stocks” Stockton

Sam Neill As Jim “Stocks” Stockton

The boss at the MCU (Major Crime Unit) is salty-mouthed Detective Senior Sergeant Jim Stockton, aka “Stocks”.

Although his career has plateaued due to an inability to navigate police politics, Stocks’ crusty, un-PC, strong-minded nature seems him hell-bent on “catching bad guys” without fear or favour.

Stocks has his team’s respect because they know, come what may, he will cover their backs. He is a hard-nosed detective who knows how to bend the rules when required (and will always be able to justify his actions in front of the bosses). He’s politically incorrect and has had his fair number of run-ins with Professional Standards – especially his nemesis, Kevin Gray who Stocks booted out of Major Crime for not being “hard enough”. Loyal to a fault, he will go to great lengths to look after his staff and Harry in particular.

Stocks is an old school cop - a seasoned policeman who isn’t fazed by much, a man who is not afraid to make difficult decisions, whatever the internal pressures or the circumstances.

Stocks is Harry’s mentor and closest ally on the force. He looked out for the younger man when Harry came a cropper early on… and has continued to do so. Stocks is the man Harry trusts and respects - as a fellow cop, as a no-bullshit confidante and, most importantly, as a mate.

Sam Neill is one of New Zealand’s most esteemed and best known international actors.

HARRY is his first dramatic television series role in New Zealand.

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