Meet The Bakers

Sarah Asher

Sarah Asher

Hometown: Taupo
Occupation: Mother of three and Business Consultant
Age: 31

Sarah lives in Taupo with her partner Nick, their 19 month old baby, seven year old daughter and her 13 year old stepdaughter. She works with her Mum, Dad and partner.

Her first memory is baking flat bread with her Mum and she’s grown up with Marae cooks. Her Mum taught her all the basics and she’s well versed in baking large quantities of food quickly – but is also an absolute perfectionist!

The kitchen is where she goes to zone out after a stressful day. It’s her zen place and she loves to bake. She would love to turn her baking into a career – that would be her dream-come-true. She’s outgoing, fun, and extremely competitive.

What inspired you to audition for CNZHHB?
I’ve been baking so much for friends and family recently, with birthday and Tangi, so all of them saw the ad and encouraged me to enter.

What is your signature baking dish?

Croquembouche. Everyone knows if I’m in the kitchen at the Marae, you'll see a whole bunch of choux buns appear and toffee flung everywhere.

What baked good would best describe your personality (and why!)?
Black forest gateaux. Full of dark chocolate, a bit fruity, heaps of sugar, yum, yum!

What is your ‘can’t-live-without’ baking tool in the kitchen?

Oil spray. It’s like magic in a can! No need for soft butter for greasing stuff when you can just push a button.

Finish this sentence: I am Chelsea New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker because……
I can just about anything and make it look as good as it tastes if not better.

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Host & Judges

Colin Mathura-Jeffree

Colin Mathura-Jeffree

Colin Mathura-Jeffree is a model, actor, host, performer and general man-about-town. He is best known as the wild-haired, lamington-throwing judge on New Zealand’s Next Top Model and has consistently created a stir in the Home Baker kitchen for the last four series.

Dean Brettschneider

Dean Brettschneider

Dean Brettschneider is a professional baker and bakery entrepreneur. After completing his apprenticeship in New Zealand, he worked in the US, Britain, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, gaining experience in all areas of the baking world.

Julia Crownshaw

Julia Crownshaw

Julia is the founder of award winning dessert business, Dollop Puddings, a company founded on the art of baking. She began the business just three years ago with a friend, on her return from Europe.


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