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Season 14, Ep 15 - Chilli Beans

Season 14, Ep 15 - Chilli Beans

We’re taking a look at a common ingredient in Tex Mex food – the chilli bean…

First up is PAMS $2.19 followed by WATTIES at $2.39 and last in our trial is CRAIGS at $4.13

We will look at what’s in a can of Chilli Beans, compare their nutritional bang for your buck and get some groovy folk who work with Mexican cuisine to give their expert opinion…

Size of each can
Craigs - 425g
Pams - 425g
Watties - 420g

Number of beans per can
Craigs - 233
Pams - 304
Watties - 276

Protein per 100g
Watties 6.3g
Craigs 5.6g
Pams 5.6g

Dietary Fibre per 100g
Watties 4.5g
Craigs 3.7g
Pams 3.7g

Sodium per can
CRAIGS 150mg
PAMS 175mg

After testing and rating, Craigs was the taste testers favourite, butcombining this with nutritional content and price, PAM’scame in at No 1…

Pam’s, you have it in the can – congrats!!!

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