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Season 14, Ep 17 - Hand Cream

Season 14, Ep 17 - Hand Cream

Brooke investigates which hand moisturizer is the best on the market.

Nivea for $5.10
Neutrogena for $10.09
Aveeno for $10.99
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula for $8.49

The key ingredient in any moisturiser is some kind of oily substance that stops the water evaporating form your skin. So we will be testing four of these hand creams on the market.

Using a trans epidermal water loss meter from the kind folks at MasseyUniversity we measured how much water normally evaporated from their skin and then we applied the hand cream. The more water that was stopped from evaporating, the more effective the moisturizer. We discovered that there wasn't a heck of a lot of difference in fact our contest was so tight, we simply couldn't pick a winner.

In terms of price per gram, Nivea is the cheapest at 0.068 cents per gram and Neutrogena the most expensive at 18 cents per gram.

When it comes to greasiest, Palmers was definitely the greasiest with Neutrogena being the best.

For our testers, Aveeno was the popular choice with Neutrogena coming second. And putting this data together with our findings, Neutrogena was named thed the overall winner. Congratulations

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