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Season 14, Ep 18 - Canned Fruit

Season 14, Ep 18 - Canned Fruit

Unfortunately we can’t get fresh apricots all year round so we're take a closer look at the canned variety…

Woolworths Select - $1.89
SPC - $2.19
Watties - $2.45.

All our products are 410g in size and come in fruit juice. We will compare nutrition, bang for buck, look at how many you actually get in a can, and get our Target Family to taste and rate…

Dietary Fibre
SPC - 0.8 g

From a fresh apricot you get about 0.9g per 100g and looking at our cans..Watties gives you 1.2g per 100g and SPC 0.8g…The Select label doesn’t mention dietary fibre and when we made enquiries they said they don’t test their apricots for dietary fibre…

SPC - 11.8g

The total sugars in a fresh apricot is 8.4g per 100g compared with our canned varieties above.


Choosing canned fruit in juice is a healthierchoice ‘cause the ones that come in a syrup basecontain more sugar and therefore more empty calories…Watties and Select have the least amount of juice with 150ml and SPC had the most with approx. 225mls..

Amount of apricot halves in each can
SELECT - 20 apricot halves
WATTIES - 15 apricot halves
SPC - 15 apricot halves

Tasters Favourite
1st - SELECT and SPC

Combining taste with nutrition, price and bang for buck…WOOLWORTHS SELECT you are ripe for the picking…CONGRATS!

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