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Season 2 Ep 1: And Then She Will Come To You

And Then She Will Come To You

Since we last saw the Johnson clan things haven’t exactly gone swimmingly with the Quest to find the Goddess Frigg.His marriage having fallen apart, Mike has taken over Gaia’s old room at Axl and Zeb’s place, but rather than turn his hunting powers to the search he seems way more intent on making up for lost time in terms of loose, hedonistic behaviour.Ty, meanwhile, is way too preoccupied with his distinctly dysfunctional and messed up marriage to Eva. And Anders, for his part, is being all weird and elusive, culminating in his departure for Norway, on some kind of top secret business mission.At least Axl has the trusty Zeb to aid him – even if, between them, they have absolutely no idea how to proceed.

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At least, after being harangued by Axl, Mike does give the Quest a shot, but his God-like hunting powers lead them only to a bar, where all they find is Olaf and Ingrid, just returned from Bali.Thus it is that the clan is restored to (almost) full strength as it heads off to the house-warming party for the new abode Colin has most graciously bestowed on the newly-weds, Ty and Eva.

It is at this very affair that four things of note occur. First, Colin offers to help Axl in the Frigg quest – and is offended when Axl can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the idea of the Johnsons working hand-in-hand with Loki. Second, Agnetha brings Ty a present, purchased by Dawn – which Eva later smashes upon the discovery that, third, Colin has hooked up with Michele. And fourth, and of far more immediate significance, is that the party is where Agnetha chooses to reveal to the rest of the family that she is, in fact, the latest incarnation of Elisabet, the mother who turned herself into a tree.

To convince Mike, her eldest son, that she is telling the truth, Agnetha tells the story of her missing years – leaving him on his 21st to look after the family; then taking the body of a newly-murdered woman to return to mortal form.The reason she’s doing this now is that she is proposing they forget all about the Quest and live, as a family, under her aegis as Freyja, Goddess of Prosperity.Needless to say the Johnson boys (well, the ones who aren’t Anders) have some major problems with this idea - to Axl, Agnetha is much less his Mum and much more the woman who ordered him killed on his 21st.

Out of Agnetha’s ‘offer’, however, Mike becomes fired up about the Quest and leads Axl and Olaf on a hunt through the city, which leads them...back to the bar they ended up at last time he took Axl hunting.But as Axl starts to give Mike a bollocking a shambling, drunken figure emerges from the toilets.This, it turns out, is Kvasir, the wisest of all the Gods – and enemy of Olaf.After giving chase, and cornering Kvasir, Axl is given the opportunity to ask Kvasir (who must answer any question a God puts him) how to find Frigg.Kvasir’s cryptic answer is that Axl needs to turn himself into a man, and then she will come to him.

And so, in this way Axl’s Quest is reconfigured: to become the God, he must first become the Man.Yep, Axl reckons he can work with this.


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