The Cafes

Season 2, Episode 1 - Wild Rose Café, Great Barrier


Great Barrier or Aotea is 90 kilometres north of Auckland in the Hauraki Gulf. Just 850 people live here permanently, in an area half the size of Auckland City. Adam McMonagle and his girlfriend Vanessa Reed run the Wild Rose Café in Tryphena, the largest town on the Barrier. It’s a pretty spot just a few metres from the sea.

When Julie visits, the Barrier Bloke competition is underway, with each business on the island sponsoring a burly competitor who must spend a day competing in a series of outrageous challenges in order to be named the ultimate Barrier Bloke. It’s a major fundraising event for Mulberry Grove Primary School, and Julie does some baking to take along to the fundraiser, as well as judging a tea-making and cake decorating challenge.

See Wild Rose Cafe's signature dish here

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