The Cafes

Season 2, Episode 8 - Ellecee Café & Bar - Ruawai


The small town of Ruawai on the west coast of Northland, is known as the “Kumara Capital” of New Zealand.

It’s where you’ll find “ElleCee Café & Bar” – a former gas station on the main drag. It’s the only café in the whole town.

Catherine is a true entrepreneur- she’s done a bit of everything in her time: helping to run the family farm, opening up a craft shop and now running an award-winning café. Catherine and her husband Lance, did all the renovation work themselves.The name “ElleCee” comes from their combined initials: “L & C” and the whole town loves the cafe. In winter, there’s one dish they can’t get enough of: kumara and bacon soup served with home-made beer bread.

Ruawai is also known for its obsession with rugby. Every year there’s a Junior Trans-Tasman Rugby tournament and this year it’s the turn of the Aussies to play here. Julie helps out making extra dishes to feed the hungry visitors and joins the Ruawai supporters at the Big Match.

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