Friday 01 August 2014 12:25.

Shelley Ferguson

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Shelley first started at Your Home and Garden as an editorial assistant at 18 years-old. She quickly started pestering people on the team to let her write stories and style photo shoots and focussed her efforts on learning everything she possibly could.

At age 21, she went to London on her OE where a Kiwi loving company hired her as a home ware and food stylist on a magazine called Home Inspirations, as well as a Style Editor on S Club 7 Magazine.

Since returning home 10 years ago, Shelley has been editing women’s magazines such as Girlfriend, CLEO, NZ Weddings and Good Health. Fast forward three years, one husband, and two young boys later, and she’s back at Your Home and Garden, this time as the Managing Editor.

Shelley has one-and-a-half renovations under her belt and has a real passion for décor, design and renovating. She is looking forward to seeing what creativity and Kiwi ingenuity this year’s teams will present.

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