About 111 Emergency

111 is a thrilling close encounter with New Zealand’s emergency services - see them in action as they risk their lives to save ours.

New Zealanders make 1 million urgent 111 calls every year. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, emergency services are on call ready to respond.

The 10 part documentary series 111 takes viewers on an action-packed journey into the heart of Auckland’s police, fire and ambulance services, following the drama as it unfolds on a single night across the city.

More than a dozen cameras are stationed in the communications centres and fitted inside police cars, ambulances and fire appliances, ensuring viewers are with the emergency services crews every step of the way.From the moment the desperate 111 calls come in, the cameras track the dispatchers and front-line police, fire and ambulance teams dealing with emergencies on the ground as they happen.

This unique insight into the adrenalin-filled world of emergency services is presented by Kirk Torrance, most well known for his role of Wayne Judd on TV3’s hit drama Outrageous Fortune.

On 111 police race to armed robberies, assaults and out-of-control parties, hunting and capturing criminals and keeping the peace on Auckland’s streets.Ambulance crews battle to save the lives of cardiac arrest patients, dangerously ill children, and those who’ve attempted suicide. Fire crews wage war against one of Auckland’s biggest fires in 40 years, clear up carnage after car crashes, and evacuate blazing homes. Amidst the high action are more humorous incidents involving late night tree climbers, stray-cat saviours and warring grannies.

Throughout the series, we get to know the courageous police officers, fire and ambulance crews.Intimate interviews reveal their intense emotions as they reveal what motivates them to risk their own lives to help others.

Make sure not to miss the action in the season premiere when policeare attacked by drunken rioters as downtown Auckland erupts into a war zone; the ambulance crew deals with a life and death emergency at Eden Park; and police race to stop a woman who’s risking her children’s lives by driving drunk.