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A Solution to Sperm Shortage Can't Come Soon Enough!

It's becoming a worldwide problem.

Urzila is the Key To Olympic Glory!

Our Olympic team needs Urzila calling the shots to guarantee success at this year's Rio games.

Russia Recruiting Dolphins For New Army?

All flippers on deck! Russia appear to be building a new maritime military.

The Cookie Bear Controversy - News Theatre

Is the cute cookie bear mascot endangering the health of our children? Dai's Father Ray Henwood makes a special appearance in this game of News Theatre!

How Donald Trump Can Be Better Than Hitler

Dai and Jimeoin explain why Hitler gave dictatorship a really bad name.

Inappropriate Thank You Shout-Outs to NZ on Air - Outtake

Our guests try to outdo each other in thank you messages to NZ on Air with hilarious results!

Greymouth is The Top Town of NZ - Outtake

Which man in this line up is the legendary captain of the Greymouth team that competed and won at the Top Town of NZ competition in 1977?

The Aggro Tightwalk Monkey - Outtake

Why is he going apesh!t? It must be another round of caption that!

Why the NZ Army is Its Own Worst Enemy - Outtake

Welsh comedian Lloyd Langford explains why NZ would be no good at surprise attacks!

When Winston Peters Punched John Banks Ages Ago - Outtake

We look back at the pivotal moment Winston Peters made his mark on NZ politics by punching John Banks in the face.