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What The Hell Does NASA Stand For? - Outtake

Chopper has the answer to what NASA really stands for.

Chopper's Epic Meltdown!

Warning: Explicit Content. What got Chopper so hilariously upset?

Reluctant Racism Road Rage!

Chopper shares a hilarious story of his roadside confrontation.

Housing Crisis A Winz Winz Situation

What housing crisis? Why we should embrace living life in the backseat of a car.

What It Means To Be A Super Cougar

The secret to becoming the world's oldest living Bachelorette revealed.

Revealing Trade Me's Dodgy Underbelly

From pregnancy tests to Nazi memorabilia, Kiwis are selling some pretty strange things lately!

Jeremy The Annoying Travel Companion - Outtake

Marcel Lucont and Jeremy Corbett once shared a flight together...never again.

Josh Thompson Happy to Give Prince Harry a 'Hand'

The handsome Prince is suffering from a dating drought, and Josh Thompson makes an offer that Harry would probably refuse...

When Tinder Dates Turn To Sh!t

When swiping right goes wrong....Shavaughn Ruakere has a tinder horror story that will give you the shits and giggles.

Is 'Timaz Hard' The Best Town Slogan Ever?

Timaru Represent!