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Paul's Vasectomy Was A Real Cock Up

It wasn't exactly smooth sailing.

Drug Dealing Grandma Living The High Life

Think about it, they make the perfect drug dealers!

All Blacks Are Gay Friendly As

What is with all the controversy? Air NZ and are the All Blacks are gay-friendly as! A hilarious throwback moment from Season 2, episode 28.

Uruguay and Paraguay get it on

The Gay marriage bill was passed in New Zealand and everyone is out to celebrate

Only dead people have Yahoo accounts

People have been receiving some strange spam... And not of the hammy kind

Hitler in the heat of the moment

Doesn't matter what excuse you use, it's still racist

What might Panda taste like?

A round of my kid can draw that heads in a very interesting direction...

Ninja Horses Attack!

Our teams come up with hilarious answers in this round of caption that.

33 People With Eels Up Their Bum

If you had found an Eel up your bum who would you call?

How To Deal With A Hard Boner - Outtake

Ahh the old 'hit it with a spoon' solution...