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Mediaworks TEG, TV3 and the Rock present... 7 Days LIVE.

Seven comedians, ten cities, 10 shows over three weeks: that’s your 7 Days LIVE!

Facebook Stalking and Poking Mums - Outtake

When a round of answers gets out of hand!

Which One Looks Most Disappointed?

Which one is Rua Paul, the man who set sail to Mururoa Atoll to protest France's nuclear testing programme in the Pacific in 1973?

The French Guide To Bitchbiking

The French hitchhiker who no one would pick up...wonder why.

Roadkill Cat Couture

This brings a whole new meaning to the turn of phrase 'letting the cat out of the bag'.

Why NZ Is The United Nations Wildcard

We're the crazy guy you bring to a fight!

Paul Ego's PakNSave Doppelganger

Who did it better? Paul Ego's doppelganger Tom Gleeson does his impersonation of the Pak'n save voice over!

Is Ron Mark What You Get If You Put Rodney Hide In A Microwave?

2 minutes and he's done! We put Ron Mark in the hot seat for this hilarious round of Yes Minister that was cut for time.

Which 7 Days Comedian are you most like

Are you more like Chopper or Dai? Take our quiz to find out

Beyond A Bad Decision

As if there aren't enough reasons to hate the guy who punched a female cop...