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Is Ron Mark What You Get If You Put Rodney Hide In A Microwave?

2 minutes and he's done! We put Ron Mark in the hot seat for this hilarious round of Yes Minister that was cut for time.

Which 7 Days Comedian are you most like

Are you more like Chopper or Dai? Take our quiz to find out

Beyond A Bad Decision

As if there aren't enough reasons to hate the guy who punched a female cop...

Dai's Awkward Prostate Check-Up

When you get your balls checked, but your doctor wants to start a conversation...

The Block NZ - Government Edition

What will MPs do, they can't all be mayors of Auckland!

Josh Thomson Hopes Aliens Aren't Super Hot

Would it still be considered cheating if they are from another galaxy?

Ikea Is like Sex Because...

Our brand new game, because everyone loves sexual innuendos!

50 Shades Of Colin Craig

You can't trust a man with two first names, no matter how sexy of a conservative he might be.

Winston Peters The Senile Driving Instructor

Winston Peters starring in the Slow and Furious: Tokyo drifting off to sleep!

Why Jeremy Washes His Hands With Orphan Tears

Only the finest in hand soap will do for Jeremy!