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Classic Case Of Caption That With Rove

Now we're cooking! Remember Rove's first appearance on our show in season 1?

The Final Countdown

Steve Wrigley and Rove come together for a powerful rock classic.

Paul Ego's Time To Shine

Paul reckons he can do a better job hosting than Jeremy. How hard can it be?

When It All Went South - Slice of 7

Things are turning to sh*t in Havelock North.

Where Would We Be Without Marijuana - Yeah or Nah?

Dai forgets which side he's on.

The Mad Butcher Unleashed

We weren't sure whether to laugh or be scared!

Friends Of 7 Days Celebrate 7 Glorious Years

Feeling the love from all our friends!

Guest leaderboard

During our 7 years on tele we've had many guests, but some just keep coming back for more

The Rio Trio

From oily tongans to weird green pools. A brand new game where we take 3 of the top stories from the Olympics.

A Strange Uber Turn Of Events

Paul Ego recounts the moment his uber driver wanted to feel alive.