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What Has Got Dai So Upset? - Outtake

Get your calculators out and join us for caption that with Rove!

How Many More F*cks Does Hekia Parata Have To Give?

Hekia Parata came ready!

Air NZ Pilots' Caught Getting Kinky

Now we understand why pilots talk the way they do on flights.

What Has Really Been Bugging The All Blacks

It's a classic case of sport espionage!

Ryan Lochte Sinking Under His Own Lies

Olympian Ryan Lochte and his dick and balls are caught up in controversy.

How Did The Yellow Man Get On This Picture?

Let us take a moment to appreciate Siu's drawing, as the mystery still remains - how did the yellow man appear on his picture?

Classic Case Of Caption That With Rove

Now we're cooking! Remember Rove's first appearance on our show in season 1?

The Final Countdown

Steve Wrigley and Rove come together for a powerful rock classic.

Paul Ego's Time To Shine

Paul reckons he can do a better job hosting than Jeremy. How hard can it be?

When It All Went South - Slice of 7

Things are turning to sh*t in Havelock North.