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When Winston Peters Punched John Banks Ages Ago - Outtake

We look back at the pivotal moment Winston Peters made his mark on NZ politics by punching John Banks in the face.

The Aggro Tightwalk Monkey - Outtake

Why is he going apesh!t? It must be another round of caption that!

Why the NZ Army is Its Own Worst Enemy - Outtake

Welsh comedian Lloyd Langford explains why NZ would be no good at surprise attacks!

Does the Queen Treat Herself to Birthday Sex? - Slice of Seven

It's her birthday after all...Chopper paints a vivid picture of what that must be like.

Operation Get Turangi High as F#%k! - Slice of Seven

The humble town of Turangi light it up!

The Battle of the Best Accents!

That sounds nothing like a Yorkshire accent! And some mention about Johnny Depp's awkward apology video.

Why NZ Can't Be Trusted To Rename Itself! - Yeah Nah

It's our word against theirs! Who made the better argument?

Paul Ego's Invention of Poof Rubber

For the love of lycra...

Hamilton Santa Claus Needs A New Ho Ho Home

Time's are tough for Hamilton Santa.

Are You As Gullible As These Burger King Employees?

Surely they realised it was a prank call...