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7 Days Top Tweets (and Facebook posts and Instagram updates)

Here's a selection of our favourite social media-based lols.

Jon Toogood Joins Us for Slice of Seven

Here's a song about the most wanted man in Pakistan - Osama Bin Laden. You're welcome.

Jon Toogood does the Reverse Richie McCaw

A song about the cup that got away. Sorry Team NZ.

Happy Feet the Penguin

He's the Nigerian Prince of the sea!

Yeah Nah - Should 7 Days to Continue?

Yeah Nah - it's debating without the boring bits. This week's topic: 'Should 7 Days continue?'. Aaaand go!

Yes Minister with Jeremy Corbett

Jeremy swaps seats with Dai for a round of Yes Minister. Can he answer the teams' closed-ended questions without saying yes or no?

OUTTAKES: Rhys Darby Plays My Kid Can Draw That

Marmite is kind of like Paul Henry: some people love it, some people think it's disgusting, and luckily we only have to put up with it in the morning.

OUTTAKES: My Kid Can Draw that with Ben Smith

If you're going to draw porn, the car and the house aren't necessary.

Jesus Hates Christmas Trees

S08E2 - What is the real reason for celebrating christmas with trees? Chopper provides the truth that will shock you.

So Many Sheep Puns

S08E2 - It must be time for caption that. In this round both teams come up with some of their best sheep puns.